Mizoram Teer Result

Mizoram Teer Result

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Mizoram Teer Result

Mizoram Teer Result

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Mizoram Teer result is about the story of tradition, dreams, archery and entrepreneurship in the North East of India, Meghalaya. Traditionally called “Thoh Tim”, Teer is a lottery game based on dreams and archery. The better a person can interpret dreams, the more are the chances of winning. Each day, first at 4pm and then again at 4.30pm, groups of archers meet at the shooting ground for what must be the most unique lottery draw anywhere in the world. At each session, 20 archers from three different clubs line up to shoot their arrows at a target. So there are 60 archers in total. Once the word is given, they all fire in rapid succession in to the target. The officials then inspect and declare the results.


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