Proton Bus Simulator Road

Proton Bus Simulator Road

Size 39.2MB

Proton Bus Simulator Road

Proton Bus Simulator Road

39.2MB 10+ Million 4.15 (31999)
" Simulation "
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Made by the same production team as Proton Bus 2020, Proton Bus Simulator Road is bus simulator with the primary goal of simulating the driving and life of a driver!
Putting you in the shoes of a road driver to face various challenges, among them boarding and disembarking passengers, rain, dirt roads and many other things!
- Support for bus mods and maps!
- Customizable skins! In this version, both playable and traffic buses can have their own customized skins.
- Continuous map loading! Say goodbye to the loading screens during the game.
- Many playable models with animations such as rain, window, wipers, doors… (new models will come in future updates ..)
- Customizable signs!
- Boarding and disembarking passengers halfway, either in a city or on a highway.
- Bus models made especially to seek a level of detail and performance on Android.
- Much more will come throughout the updates!
* The game is in a state of development, because of that we will update it frequently with corrections, improvements and new content such as new buses and maps!
* Tips to improve performance:
Reduce the resolution scale to values ​​such as 75 or 50
Disable anti-aliasing
Disable Reflections on Bodywork
Do not use high values ​​in the Distance of visibility, try to leave in values ​​like 150-300 meters


What's New

- New version of the graphics engine!
- Some improvements were made to the interface!
- Textures with a resolution higher than 4k will not be loaded!
- Native mod installer!
- And of course new route!


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