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Forest Zombies Free Game

Forest Zombies Free Game
Update: 2015.08.27
category: Action Games
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Forest Zombies Free Game Introduce

The Popular and Addicting iOS Game now available Free on AndroidZombies are attacking! And they must be stopped. They are killing and eating the friendly Woopsie's that are nothing more than harmless squirrels that live in a beautiful and enchanting forest. THEY NEED YOUR HELP!Get ready to save the Woopsie's and help Plummy McClane in his effort to kill the Zombies.This is your job now! Protect the Forest! Get rid of the Zombies before they take over!FEATURES:Over 100 addictive levels.Interactive ability to kill the zombies with all kinds of surprising weapons.Over a dozen unique never-seen-before zombies that keep coming back for more squirrels.Hours of power packed entertainment that you will not be able to put down.Multiple weapons and upgrades.NOT JUST ANOTHER WASTE OF SPACE ON YOUR DEVICE YOU CAN MASTER IN AN HOUR! AN ADDICTIVE AND CHALLENGING!There are over five worlds featuring 100 action packed levels full of zombies. These levels will keep you engrossed for hours! It is addictively fun and challenging!CAN YOU RID THE FOREST OF ZOMBIES? Only your play in the game will tell! You must kill many Zombies to protect the forest but you will have many weapons at your disposable to do this.UPGRADE YOUR WEAPONS AND RID THE FOREST OF ZOMBIES!This is a super cool game with an unbelievable number of features!One of these is a "Zombie Book". This is the ultimate guide and only guide you will need for learning about the Zombies that you are killing. It is full of insightful and interesting information that will help you learn about why you must kill them!Also featuring an inside Zombie Comic showing all the goodies for the zombie culture!


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