3D sniper shooting: Army Sniper cover fire

3D sniper shooting: Army Sniper cover fire

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3D sniper shooting: Army Sniper cover fire

3D sniper shooting: Army Sniper cover fire

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The war has begun, you need to Cover fire your troops and be the champion of your team in commando shooting games. Step forward your 3D sniper shooting skill into the battlefield to cover fire your troops and lead your team with gun shooting sniper. 
This is Sniper 3d shooting game to cover fire your army from the top with sniper and let your troops to attack from the ground and win. Built your attacking strategy and cover from all sides to kill enemies.Sniper! hold your breath & start contest of best real commando of the "sniper vs enemies snipers"Shoot to Kill and release the fury of this terrorist war!
There are different sniper guns in this shooting game. You can buy new sniper rifles by spending some cash that you have earned from different missions.The controls of this game are very easy and user friendly.This game will definitely take you to a whole new level of fun.You will earn free cash after completing each Challenging Mission.
In this game you have to Cover your friend soldier to move forward to the base to complete the mission. In this game their two modes endless and mission mode. In endless mode you have to destroy the enemies coming towards you in waves. In endless mode you have cover your soldier from enemy troops.
This Sniper shooting game has the following features 

• Wonderful 3D graphics
• 3D environment
• First person Shooting (fps)
• Sniper scope view
• Multiple thrilling missions
• Excellent city environment
• Awesome 3D environment
• Addictive Gameplay
• Friendly FPS gameplay and easy controls

In this First Person Shooter (FPS) game you are the hero to lead your team from the top and cover fire your troops. FPS gameplay is quite interesting so fasten your belt and defeat all of your enemies in this war game with realistic graphics and awesome gameplay.


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