iPhone Style Folders

iPhone Style Folders

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iPhone Style Folders

iPhone Style Folders

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This application is a folder widget.
One folder can contain 16 Apps. and manage the screen effectively.
This color folder widget contains various colors and animations.
This App. has 10 colors and the color of text and widget folder can be changed.
Color Folder Widget Instruction
1. Press the main screen during about 2 seconds.
2. Select widget menu and then select iPhone Style Folders app.
3. The widget folder is created on the screen.
Put the Apps. into the Folder
1. Select the widget folder and click the set symbol at the right upper part.
2. Select the Apps. what you want to put. Then you can check the select apps. at the upper part.
3. To cancel a selection, click the selected apps. at the upper part.
4. Click the backspace button and OK popup to finish.



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