Mod Pixelmon

Mod Pixelmon

Size 7.4MB

Mod Pixelmon

Mod Pixelmon

7.4MB 500,000+ 4.35 (4212)
" Entertainment "
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Download the mod right now and get not only a huge collection of Pokémon loved by many gamers but also new unusual features that will help make the game even more interesting!
Funny creatures will not just become your pets. You can train them in combat skills and arrange fights with Pokémon that are your friends' pets! If your character was wounded during the fight you will be able to restore his health with the help of the PokeCenter.
Mod Pixelmon will not only allow you to have fun but also develop your dexterity and reaction speed. After all, you will find a real Pokémon hunt, which requires skill and agility. You can find a description of each Pokémon in Pokedex.
You will not have any problems during the installation of the mod. You can use the help of Pokémon balls.
You can grow a real apricot garden in Mod Pixelmon. Your new pets just love juicy apricots! Please note that the trees are colored in different colors that correspond to the tree's rank:
- Red – general;
- Yellow – rare;
- Blue – super rare;
- Black – ultra-rare.
You will see how your Minecraft world is gradually filled with trees as soon as you install the mod. You will have to break the tree in order to collect apricots. You will be able to plant new trees in its place. They will grow very fast because apricot trees in Minecraft are so unpretentious!
Mod updates are available regularly! This allows you to get even more fun from the game. Just don't forget to keep an eye on them!


What's New

Multi-version support


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