Zombie Shooting 3D: Survivors vs Zombies

Zombie Shooting 3D: Survivors vs Zombies

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Zombie Shooting 3D: Survivors vs Zombies

Zombie Shooting 3D: Survivors vs Zombies

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Searching for zombie offline games? Want to survive massive zombie attack and defend with best weapons in the world? Search no more for zombie shooter games! Check our new Zombie Shooting 3D: Survivors vs Zombies. One of the best zombie games with real weapon customization. Take pistol, rifle, sniper or shotgun, put a red dot sight on it, paint it how you like and become first person shooter in zombie games!
War has been break out between survivors and zombies. You are defending your position from zombie attack, arm yourself with powerful arsenal and do whatever it takes to survive. Living dead creatures being infected by the unknown virus which has spread all across the city. Your mission is to purge this city and bring back peace for the surviving inhabitants. It all depends on you, survivors believe in you, do not let them down.
It won’t be easy so you need to be brave. There are everywhere, in different types and in large numbers. You will have to struggle to survive and fight against many kinds of zombies and dangerous boss monsters. You will use weapons of different caliber and type with different attachments. Meanwhile, you will be able to heal yourself with medkits. As you complete the missions and advance you will be able to improve weapons and protection. You will become much stronger and your weapons will be powerful enough to stop large weaves of attacks!
The infected living beings are attempting to bite and pass the virus onto the next person, do not let them to infect you. This won't stop until and unless every resident zombies is shooted. It is a big mission with a big risk and reward which needs to be completed asap! So soldier, pick up your ultimate weapons to shoot all the zombie apocalypse and stop this zombie virus from spreading in this Zombie Shooting 3D: Survivors vs Zombies
- Realistic zombie shooting experience - fps experience with realistic sound and visual effects!
- Powerful weapons - unlock and upgrades weapons. Kill your enemies with Ak47, M4A1, M16 or hand grenade. Build weapons like didn't before!
- Gun Builder - customize weapons how you want, add scope, grip, attachments. Build your dream weapon!
- Weapon customization - choose a skin for your gun, personalize your weapon!
- Daily challenges - Play every day and earn rewards. Challenges awaits you yo complete them!
- Store - refill your basic needs to survive zombie attacks!
- Variety of zombies - in this offline 3D game zombie comes from everywhere and they have different skills and abilities!
So, download zombie apocalypse and play action games for free and have fun! Download now!
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