Wild Sky Tower Defense: Epic Legends TD RPG

Wild Sky Tower Defense: Epic Legends TD RPG

Size 90.8MB

Wild Sky Tower Defense: Epic Legends TD RPG

Wild Sky Tower Defense: Epic Legends TD RPG

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This legendary tower defense meets RPG mobile game allows you to build towers, recruit heroes, cast magic fireballs to destroy a massive slime, and defend your ship from a rush of monsters invading a fantasy kingdom. From orcs in a green forest to legendary dragons in a hot desert, the Allied Kingdoms have only one choice in this TD game: defend, defend, defend! All with the aim of stopping simple Orcs, even-simpler Zombies and slightly-less-simple Dark Elves Lords from doing what they do best: destroying goodly souls.
Key features:
-A collection of interesting maps in a 3D environment: from lush forests and murky swamps to volcanic badlands, Wild sky offers more than 100 story-based levels to enjoy.
-Lots of strategic depth, with 10 unique towers of 6 different elements, 6 separate heroes, 12 spells, and various game-modes to challenge you.
-An in-game progression system that allows you to unlock new content over time.
-An interesting world full of wonder, telling an intricate story: why is the Light’s Chosen the Light’s Chosen? Where from hails the Wind Knight? Find out in-game!
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What's New

* Improved performance and stability
* Bug fixes
* Our game is still very early and we will fix economy in September release. Please stay tuned. Your support means a lot to us when further develop this game.


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