Wars of City Crowd

Wars of City Crowd

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Wars of City Crowd

Wars of City Crowd

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Its time for you to pay your country with your love and blood by filling streets of a city with a crowd in a war against your rival. Gather your popular heroes’ army and rush through streets of city with your crowd in wars of popular army heroes. Create your own army soldier squad and erase everything that moves from streets. This wars of popular army heroes is fun with adventure. Show the city that you have a huge crowd with a lot of number of popular army hero.
All you have to do is to rush through the streets in city town gather your army men make your army of soldiers by capturing citizens or enemy soldiers less in numbers. In this new simulator game of Wars of City Crowd you have a big challenge of making a clan of your army soldiers. You have to start with only one man army and start capturing the crowd and adding them to your army clan to fight against popular enemy hero.
Select your country and your favorite hero and start your day by choosing the spot to start chasing citizens and adding them to your army soldiers tag team and start fighting with other army war team. Compete with them to add them to your crowd or if you failed to compete them then they will capture all your soldiers.


What's New

Physics Improved
New Enemy Army added


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