WA Business Status Saver App

WA Business Status Saver App

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WA Business Status Saver App

WA Business Status Saver App

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If you are looking for story saver for WhatsApp, then WA Business Status Saver App is the answer. Since Whatsapp recently launched new feature called WA friends status that is disappered in 24 hours, so you need this app to help you to download WA Business status. This app is capable to download any status video, photo, or GIF from status of WhatsApp Business friends’ contacts. It also allows you to share and repost to your social media.
This app are supporting by some features, such as:
- Quick to download any WhatsApp Business story and status
- Easy to download and repost WhatsApp Business status
- Quick to save single or multiple photos and videos
- Capable to share, delete, and repost any WhatsApp Business status to your WhatsApp friends’ contacts
How to use this app:
1) First, watch your WhatsApp friends’ status.
2) Then, open this WA Business Status Saver App. This app will display all of the videos, photos, or GIF which has been seen from WA Business friends’ status.
5) Next, click the button “download” to save the status video or photo.
3) All the downloaded photos and videos are directly saved in your gallery. You can share and repost it to your social media.
Go download it and enjoy with your friends


What's New

Fixed several bugs in the WA Business Status Saver application


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