Virus Killer 2018

Virus Killer 2018

Size 26.7MB

Virus Killer 2018

Virus Killer 2018

" Puzzle "
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If you dare to handle puzzle games here is a Virus Spread killer 2018 for you.
Virus Spread 2018 has two interesting characters. Red character is a Virus which will spread to overcome the game. It will spread automatically and overcome other character. Green character is an Anti-virus which will reduce the effect of Red Virus. Red Virus will be controlled by Green Anti-virus. As soon as you hit the maximum place of red virus with Green virus you will win this game. Don’t let the red virus overtake Green virus.
How to play:
-There are two boxes on the screen. You have to control Green boxes.
-Red boxes will be placed automatically.
-Red box will overcome Green boxes if it is placed at its diagonal place.
-Red box will overcome its first touching sides if it is placed consecutively.
-You will win from Virus if you placed Green boxes more than Red boxes.
Game Feature:
Amazing and eye catching Graphics
Amazing Virus Killer game to kill your spare time.
Amazing puzzle game to refresh your mind



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