Venom Anaconda Simulator 3D

Venom Anaconda Simulator 3D

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Venom Anaconda Simulator 3D

Venom Anaconda Simulator 3D

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Feel like a giant carnivorous poisonous snake and start a hunt on streets of the big city with Venom Anaconda Simulator 3D!
This city is full of dangers – and you must be the biggest one! Do you like animal simulators and horror movies? It’s high time to act like a fiendish monster from such movies! Chase citizens, cats, and dogs, attack cars and trucks!
Be the most fearful creature of these blocks – like a prehistoric Titanoboa snake - but beware human warfare like tanks, helicopters even usual grenade launchers could be a problem! Attack first before they can do the same thing with you! Become the most dangerous of city animals with Venom Anaconda Simulator 3D!
If you feel lonely – just create a family! Make the nest, lay eggs, protect it from predators and humans – and in a couple of minutes, you would have your own bunch of deadly slithery reptiles! Earn points for each killed opponent or victim to upgrade your giant boa snake - change the color of skin, buy new attack or other boosters!
Venom Anaconda Simulator 3D features:
Ultimate giant snake simulator – feel like an extinct Titanoboa!
Hunt for citizens and animals, avoid tanks and police
Earn points to customize your anaconda as you want
Lay on eggs, protect your nest and raise up your little snakes
Stay alerted all the time and maintain your snake’s health, energy and hunger rate to survive and have fun playing Venom Anaconda Simulator 3D!


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- minor bugs fixed


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