US Army Real Kungfu Karate Fighter: Karate Games

US Army Real Kungfu Karate Fighter: Karate Games

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⭐⭐⭐After Successful launch of Robot Fighting 2019: Wrestling Games with over MILLION DOWNLOADS we present a new game.⭐⭐⭐
This fighting game is based on fiction, it is easy enough for small kids but we recommend playing it under the supervision of an adult.
Game Mechanic:
As a player, you will do Ring Fighting. You can play as any US Army Soldier or Real Army Robot. But Playing as an Army Ring robots is not easy you have to play through the whole karate game. Fighting Game is designed for everyone and it offers “easy to use” player controller. Even a small kid can play this free game under supervision. You can do 3 hit punch combos or 2 hit Kick combos. As you play along you can unlock other characters in the game which can do more damage and increase the fun game.
US Army Fitness is admired by worldwide forces. What do they do? They play fighting games and this time with Army Ring robots. Army Ring robots are not just sparring partner but they provide an excellent source for US Army Fitness. These games are based on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) which help US Army Soldiers in the best shape for Karate Games. You will face with Army Ring robots in Ring Fighting scenario. You need to be in Supershape for these Karate Games if you want to beat these futurist battle robots in a fighting game. Karate Games are held not only to test US Army Fitness but also test Army Real Boxer Fighting futuristic karate fighting technology.
US Army needs top-notch MMA fighting soldiers who are battle-hardened. Best way to train your soldier vs Army Real boxer in a ring fighting match. Many soldiers are best in karate games but they need to acquire other Mixed Martial Arts Skill. US Army has Karate fighting vs Ultimate Fighting Real boxer. Player get to fight the match between them. MMA Fighting is best known for its diversity in fighting game styles i.e. wrestling games, karate games, Kungfu games or jujitsu games.
US Army fitness requires best training games session in karate games. US Army Real boxer are best known for their Mixed Martial Arts skills. Take your US Army Fitness to the next level with this training games with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fights. Do uppercuts, slams, three punch combos, super kicks and many other moves in order to defeat your opponent in Kungfu Master fight. Player gets this free game with one US Army Soldier who is ready to beat Army Real boxer in karate games or wrestling games. US Army Attacks are perfect and require US Army fitness to be in a shape where hand to hand combat using karate fighting skills or mixed martial arts (MMA) skills become second nature.
Play US Army fitness karate game and show the world what you are made of. Play as US Army Soldier vs US Army Real boxer with AI of a superhuman. This AI of real boxer is designed to give you a chance to be good in karate games and wrestling games. When the time comes for hand to hand combat you can use your skill in karate fighting and wrestling fighting to defeat your opponent.
• Play the ultimate US Army vs Real Boxer Ring Fighting championship
• Be the Best karate fighting soldier in US Army Game
• Easy to learn Game Mechanics even for kids (caution advised)
• Best Karate Fighting Game in the Market
• High-Quality Graphics with smooth gameplay


What's New

Improved Performance for lower end devices.
Balanced the visual quality and performance matrix

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