US Army Battle Game: Call Of Legends

US Army Battle Game: Call Of Legends

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US Army Battle Game: Call Of Legends

US Army Battle Game: Call Of Legends

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Following the army base takeover, one ordinary man whose brother has been killed in action takes matter into his hands, gets himself enlisted in the military to go behind the enemy lines. Jake drives an army truck at first to facilitate the commandos onto their battle missions but after the betrayal by the inside man he feels an urgency to get recruited in army to strike and help his native homeland fight the battle and save the city from ultimate disaster by rival group of merciless trained furious combatants. He must confront his fears in battlefield in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals. Intercept, eliminate, strike and extract. It’s time to hone your shooting skills and orchestrate the perfect assassination of outlaws. Shoot and Kill terrorist leader and all his gunners; destroy their communication and satellite station, cut off power source and strike enemy server system. Don’t let them radio their fellow comrades for backup.
Us army battle for legends is a action packed simulator shooting game developed for extreme shooting fans in the midst of battle zone fighting for the hostile takeover of the army base camp to destroy the baseline of military. You are equipped with modern military weapons in this first person shooter game. Drive around the battle zone with different objectives, chase enemy leader and exemplary strike and kill him for all enemy groups. Answer the call of legends in battle, World peace is now in your hands, shoot and fight against evil in this modern army battle game of legends. Search for the mole in your military group and save your fellow men from betrayal.
Us Army battle shooting game is best free game in modern warzone shooting games of 2018. A real action game with real shooting experience of advanced military weaponry such as assault rifle, m4A1, AK-47 and hand pistols with lots of deadly rounds. Download now from Android store and enjoy the exciting experience of battle fight in war zone with military weapons.
Gameplay Features:
Modern combat field and story based game play.
Amazing 3D City Environment.
Drive around to pick army commandos from base.
Interesting Challenging Scenarios.
Smooth and intuitive controls.
Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics.
Intense battlefield scene and challenging missions.
Sniper shooting with accurate kills.



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