The Gunner Empire - Free Gunner FPS Shooter

The Gunner Empire - Free Gunner FPS Shooter

Size 48.9MB

The Gunner Empire - Free Gunner FPS Shooter

The Gunner Empire - Free Gunner FPS Shooter

48.9MB10+ Million4.8(3657)
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The Gunners Empire is a first person shooter game with lots of brain exercise as criminal domination in the city has increased and reputation for lawlessness is quite famous! Be a commando shooter and get the tribute.
Soldier! You have been called To perform a covert operation and destroy their stronghold in the city to bring back the peace. Use your iron tanks if needed. Shoot to kill as its critical.
Terrorists are equipped with the weapon of modern era and they wont let go even a single good man. They are evil force focused to do bloodshed on a large scale. They torture the peace-makers till death and enjoy this.
Enemy is roaming around in the Humvees and surveillance of their strong hold is on apache helicopters, Rpg and AK47 as these are the standard weapons they have and skilled in counter attacks.
The gangsters are dominating over the law and have ruined the peace. They openly demonstrate their superiority over the law and their criminal skills are way above all. Commando shooter could kill them. Strike sniper and open the fire. Behold on the iron tanks. Shoot to kill the terrorists.
The underworld gangs are very well organized when it comes to warzone, you need to become a part of them in order to break them. You young man! We trust that you would disguise yourself as one of them and uproot them from the kingdom. Test your shooting skills and you also might have to fight without weapons as and when required ! In this critical mission, wish you Good Luck Soldier ! Tribute awaits for you when you come back from the warzone.
Features of The Gunner Empire;
Unlimited challenging battle missions
Real Crime city 3d environment
Real life sound effects
Superior Gunner guns
Drive the battle tank
Use the RPG to shot down battle helicopters


What's New

Several bug fixes & game optimizations.


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