Terrorist Hunter Killer Strike

Terrorist Hunter Killer Strike

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Terrorist Hunter Killer Strike

Terrorist Hunter Killer Strike

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Terrorist Hunter Killer Strike is most Expensive First person aiming and shooting Game of 2017. This is most thrilling and action game of fury counter sniper game. Hold your breath and be ready to pull trigger in the most addictive playable incredible thrilling game with commando sniper assassin and moment to moment changing the terrorist and brutal enemy FPS with guns shooting latest technology armor in their hand with more than multiple real life missions to eradicate assault war. A very huge ultimate counter hunter gun shooting with advance multiple flavors of deadly weapons and different battle zones is now on this game as the combat frontier attack on the enemy.
You have been given hold and you are the one in charge now don’t have anyone to instruct you, you are the one who need to fulfill the emission of this terror squad ready to encounter you. Weapons fans will be happy to see a large arsenal of different new riffle explosives to use in mission. A totally completely gun shooting packed for fans shooting games. This is modern front line best first person shooter (FPS) game of gun shoot war of terrorist counter strike.
Shoot your enemies with new destructive weapons on the game have many Modern stylish and classic guns available. On which have pistol, shotguns, MP-5, M-4, Ak-47, M16, AWP, kalashankof assault, pistols, grenade and many powerful guns bullets to use in the mission to helping you. On this rivals sniper strike game have multiple interesting environment and adventure snow, desert and grand city shooting war, A very huge shooting game of army agent like a sniper and commando. The game mission is to target the terrorist and strike your area to save from the rivals hands.
The enemies are hiding behind the containers and barrack camps. Shoot them at site! You are a deadly frontline shooter from the army force. Your base is attacked by some terrorist forces. Now it’s your life mission to get it back from terrorists. Aim to shoot the head shots of your rival enemies, strive hard so that no terrorist can any away. With every targeted gun shots you would get in practice with your targets. Focus on gun scope and target the enemies to shoot.
On the headshot you have collect get golden coins and lots of money to upgrade your weapons and collect different guns from the weapons gallery to helping you in battle. Get ready for the more than 20 passionate and different challenging missions. strike the enemy on the snow fall frozen adventure destroy it and enter on the desert sniper area and then begin the city adventure shooting enjoy this game and complete the all levels and become a great sniper hero.
Equipped your favorite gun from the gun gallery
Buy guns and riffle from the weapons category
Select level from the map and press play to start the level
Focus on Gun Scope and eliminate the enemies
Realistic joystick control
Shoot to destroy the and shoot on the head for Headshot
Press Reload for Reloading guns bullets
Zoom scope is for closing and targeting enemy
Collecting Gold’s coins to buy the guns
Switch Weapon as you want to change
Crouch for set and Down to shoot the enemy
Sprint is for Running around the area
Press to jump for jumping
Modern Assassin Weapons
Different Types of challenging Levels
Collecting Gold’s coins to buy the guns
Different Weapons collection
Realistic Vehicles real shooting and stealth animation
Fantastic Arms at your disposal in battle
High quality 3D graphics and real life haunted locations
Tune your armor and stand tough against enemies



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