Ten (Card Game)

Ten (Card Game)

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Ten (Card Game)

Ten (Card Game)

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Ten is a new (and free :) trick taking card game that was created specifically for this app. The game has similarities to Euchre, Spades, Whist, and Pinochle.
The app includes a detailed description of how to play and tips that popup during the game to help players coming from Euchre or other trick taking card games, learn the game. The app also includes numerous settings, unlockables, and statistics on your play.
Similar to euchre the game starts by going clockwise around the table bidding to determine the trump suit and the team that will attempt to make the bid. The play is the same as euchre: any card can be lead, you must follow suit, if you have no cards in the suit led you can play any card, and the winner of the trick is the player that played the highest card in the suit led or if a trump card was played, then the highest trump card. The scoring is a mix of euchre and spades, the team that won the round (either by making the bid or setting the team that bid) gets points and the other team gets no points but there is also an immediate penalty for going over your bid.
Ten is a fairly complex game while still being accessible to new players and tries to reduce the influence of luck as much as possible. So if you like Euchre, Whist, or other trick taking card games and are looking for something new, try Ten (also it's free :).


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