Super Adventure : Jungle Adventures

Super Adventure : Jungle Adventures

Size 35.0MB

Super Adventure : Jungle Adventures

Super Adventure : Jungle Adventures

" Arcade "
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Super Adventure : Jungle Adventures
is classic retro platform game style. This game bring back memories of old school arcade games with numerous adventure. World of this game contains well designed levels, various enemies, bosses, simple gameplay, nice graphics and soothing music and sounds.
On beautiful sunny day Ted and his girlfriend were eating apples together and enjoying life and suddenly "Evil Dinosaur Monster" appeared from deep jungle out of no where. That evil moster captured Ted's girlfriend and ran away in deep
jungle world
. Ted is on
Super Adventure
to rescue his girlfriend by defeating Dinosaur Monster and teach him a lesson.
To bring Ted's girlfriend back he needs your help. Run and jump through the deep
jungle adventures
, avoid traps, clear all enemies in your way and defeat all bosses.
Super Adventure : Jungle Adventures
will give you classic feel throughout the game with side scrolling view.
Super Adventures : Jungle Adventures
+ Beautiful high-resolution graphics
+ Awesome gameplay similar to retro classic game
+ Easy and intuitive controls with on-screen retro controller
+ Hidden bonus bricks and blocks with strawberry, flower and shield
+ Destroyable bricks, blocks and moving platform
+ Hidden bonus levels with lots of classic and modern coins
+ Additional collectibles, coins, shields and more
+7 beautiful worlds with 140 well designed levels
+ Underground and water worlds, swim, jump and run
+ Over 20 enemies and obstacles
+ 12 boss fights: angry scorpio, spider, big bee and golem
+ Store with additional items and rewards: unlock worlds before finish other worlds
+ Unlock free coins, buy items to make mike and max stronger
+ Classic retro platform game style
+ Suitable for all ages
How to play
Super Adventures : Jungle Adventure
+ Eat mushroom and flower to become stronger and defeat all monsters.
+ Tap Left / Right to move.
+ Jump to crash the enemy.
+ Eat flower to shoot enemy.
+ Collect all coins and bonus items to get more points and buy additional items in store.
Super Adventures : Jungle Adventures
now! It is a fun game
super adventures
for every one!
Enjoy your childhood memories now!


What's New

V1.05 Fixed some bugs.
V1.04 Fixed level 122.
V1.03 Update Google Services SDK.


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