Stickman World

Stickman World

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Stickman World

Stickman World

" Adventure "
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Stickman enters a drawing game world of walls and rooms and shapes and you help him navigate and make it to the finish! Stickman Adventures start simple and you draw the paths and steps and shapes to run through the levels.
You can create/draw your own environment, or draw anything you want like emojies or bridges or shields. Draw line to create path for stickman to reach the destination.
Use your imagination to help Stickman through the game!
Stickman World
gives you the ability to alter the game world but be mindful of ink!
- Very fast paced gameplay
- Really challenging
- Increasing difficulty from easy to bone breaking
- Different difficulties


What's New

* More levels! Stickman World Make Your Own Game (MYOG) world levels.
* Avoid the Energy Lab! Create obstacles and trails and save game to play later.
* Two Pencils! Shape Pencil draws polygon shapes as you draw lines. FloatLine Pencil draws freeform lines no gravity.
* Add ShapePolygons , FloatLines, then refine and save game. Levels autoload your shapes.
* Many bug fixes. Zoom in and out to see world layout, full running and jumping sound effects and world music.


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