Sound Animals for Kids for Fun

Sound Animals for Kids for Fun

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Sound Animals for Kids for Fun

Sound Animals for Kids for Fun

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I made this application for my daughter, who is 2,5 yrs old to engage her with different
animals sounds
, bird sounds, machines sounds and music. Each sound has nice photo icon of farm animals, machines and birds and now also for music instruments.
So, there are 110 photos and sounds in Sound Animals for Fun for Kids application.
Your kid can have fun and some learn as well so try today:
- NEW: wild animals (26 sounds and photos of wild animals from arround the world)
- animals (12 voices of animals and photos)
- machines (16 +8 photos & machines sounds)
- bird sound (18 photos and bird sound)
- music instruments sound (22 +8 photos and music instruments sounds)
With the app your kids will get:
high quality pictures
audio sounds for every photo
easy navigation
lots of fun
learning in easy and relaxing way
The sounds included in the app are:
NEW Wild Animals:
buffalo, boar, cheetah, gorilla, hyena, hippo, deer, kangaroo, koala, alligator, lemur, sloth, lion, bear, rhinoceros, orangutan, baboon, puma, elephant, meerkat, tiger, snake, camel, wolf, zebra, giraffe
dog, sheep, horse, cat, rooster, goat, duck, pig, donkey, chicken, goose, cow, rabbit, Guinea pig, hamster, turkey
bike, bus, bulldozer, car, race car, excavator, fire truck, helicopter, motorcycle, plane, police car, scooter, ship, tractor, train, truck, cross motor bike, ambulance, jet ski, locomotive, metro, small plane, race motorcycle, motorboat
stork, finch, swallow, peacock, jackdaw, bunting, heron, sparrow, cuckoo, blackbird, lark, raven, nuthatch, owl, starling, pie
Music instruments:
NEW Chinese lute, ocarina, bagpipes, pan flute, dulcimer, sitar, didgeridoo, Mexican guitarron and
violin, banjo, flute, organ, accordion, army drums, percussion, balalaika, cello, piano, harp, guitar, clarinet, ukulele, electric guitar, double bass, timpani, trombone, saxophone, tambourine, trumpet, mouth-organ
The app is super easy and enjoyable, so let's have a good cup of coffee while your kid is playing.
The application is easy to use, simply choose the category and click the photo to hear the sound. Your kid will have good time, will learn the voices, the pictures and enjoy that time. This is perfect game for toddlers and kids of preschool age.
If you enjoy the app, leave your comment so I could upgrade it with other features you like! Have a nice day.


What's New

Guess what! New category is added for your fun: Wild Animals. With 26 new animal sounds and animal photos you and your kid will have great time playing Sound Animals.
Now +8 new music instruments sounds and photos from all around the world. You can enjoy 76+8 sounds in Animal Sounds for Kids for Fun.
The new instruments you will find include: Chinese lute, ocarina, bagpipes, pan flute, dulcimer, sitar, didgeridoo and Mexican guitarron now.
Some Christmas feeling


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