Sniper 3D Shooter - FPS Games: Cover Operation

Sniper 3D Shooter - FPS Games: Cover Operation

Size 52.9MB

Sniper 3D Shooter - FPS Games: Cover Operation

Sniper 3D Shooter - FPS Games: Cover Operation

" Action "
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This is one of the best front-line action mission game. In the front war zone full of enemies, use machine guns, shotguns, snipers, pistol and other modern war weapons to shoot down this terrorist group.
Use your brilliant fighting skills and shooting skills in this Sniper 3d FPS Shooter: cover operation. A New 3d FPS Shooter experience. Join the ability not to be affected by enemy like a professional shooter. Take action and survive on the Border in this strike. Shoot to kill in special operations and survive in this 3d sniper shooting game 2019!.
Modern control with great fun and addictive combat. You get the map for saving the refuge. Shoot over a tower by using a sniper. HD Graphics with destructible Jungle ground for battle. Enjoy best sniper shooting in offline mission with Sniper 3d FPS Shooter : cover operation.
THE MOST AMAZING OF ALL SNIPER SHOOTING GAMES. This isn’t one of those ordinary gun games. You need to use your Sniper 3d FPS Shooter: cover operation skills against soldiers, vehicles & more!
Great Features with FPS FIREPOWER. Take enhance gun in every level to overcome the intelligence area of terrorist. Upgrade your weapons to strike fast and hard at the heart of evil!
Eliminate/complete targets, collect weapon coins and complete mission to unlock the most powerful guns and upgrade your rank.
In this Sniper 3d FPS Shooter: cover operation 2019! you are going to experience entirely new shooting action with war feel including amazing graphics & sound effects. This is all about secret missions to set free the refuge girl and you are leading the operations. It’s all depend in your hands to end up the crime in this best shooting game.
- Large realistic 3D graphics and cool animations
- Many of thrilling missions
- Play in beautiful environment you ever want to see
- Many of new guns and mortal weapons
- Addicting FPS game play
- Easy and intuitive controls
- Free game: play it on your phone/mobile
Super Easy and intuitive controls that bring you to enjoy fun and addictive FPS game play strike. Shoot to Kill and release the anger of this war mission with action! You will get the call for duty of saving the innocent life.
As a leader of the mission. you will face the army of the enemy crop: soldiers, special intelligence men, inaccessible puzzles, powerful tanks, passwords etc. Take the control of the jungle Warfield deal with the hurdles and conflict as a real war hero. Become the legend of this jungle war in the most compelling or addictive fps cover fire operation game play.
Enhance yourself with state of the art military guns and lead your army to glory your country in this offline shooting game. Chase your girl refugee and show them the way to hell in this action best FPS Shooter game. Its thrill like a army border attack. You need to survive as a spy commando in enemy air/earth/navy forces. Perform the most commando operations and accomplish spy missions.


What's New

*Enjoy the best Shooting experience
*Realistic environment
*Upgraded guns
*Epic story line
*Free to play


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