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Sketchpad Math

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Sketchpad Math

Sketchpad Math

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Use the paintbrush in Sketchpad Math to grab buckets of paint with numbers on them. These numbers will be added one by one to the equation at the top of the screen. Build and solve your own equations whilst avoiding naughty erasers and scissors to score points!
Sketchpad Math was created with the goal of making educational games FUN. We believe that children who are enjoying the learning process are more likely to learn quicker and more easily.
The levels in Sketchpad Math are associated with the South African Grades - for example, level 1 addition and subtraction problems are directed by the South African CAPS Education Guidelines and syllabus for mental math in grade 1.
Not only is Sketchpad Math Premium a valuable resource for school learners looking to improve their speed in mental math calculations, but it may also be used by adults looking to test, strengthen or maintain their mental acuity and capabilities.
Sketchpad Math Premium allows for realtime stat-tracking for parents, caretakers and players alike. In the Report Card, you'll find important statistics such as overall progress and individual marks for each of the four operations, separated by level. This means that you can see how playing Sketchpad Math can improve your mental math skills over time. Find Sketchpad Math Premium on the app store soon!


What's New

The first update for Sketchpad Math! *Now with added hotfix!
*Hotfix: Fixed the button not linking to Sketchpad Math Premium correctly.
Enemies now grant you a little extra time when you splat them.
Adjusted a few hitboxes.
Size optimisation!
Added extra animations and effects.
Every ten games that you play, one fullscreen ad will play. These ads are skippable but help us keep running!


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