Shoot Bubble 2016

Shoot Bubble 2016

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- Shoot Bubble 2016 is the most popular bubble shooter games free in all of bubble games 2016 free like bubble shooter other, this is the bubble shooter suitable for kids, baby even adults and adult and the best way to spend time when you waiting bus in city, or watting for something. This game have deluxe beautiful color bubbles ready to play for you bubbles shooter mania.
- Shoot bubble worlds/Bubble Shooter puzzle adventure is one of the most popular fun journey game pop/burst/fall down bubble object game. Shoot bubble base on time, the bubbles will go down, and nonstop, so you quickly and so fast to get many score base time, if you don't die.
- This is the best bubble shooter with cool graphic, your goal is to match groups of three or more same-coloured bubbles to clear the playing field. One of the number 1 legend Puzzle deluxe mania game on the world.
- Shoot/shooter bubble worlds is journey games. 700+ fun levels of saga puzzles, shoot bubble base on level. Every deluxe poke color like blue bubble,orange bubbles,green bubble,purple bubble and other mix color poke deluxe bubble ready to burst and crush as you can. Shooter Bubble 2016 is without a doubt a free game which can help relaxing everywhere.
The main objective is to destroy all the marbles. To achieve this goal, a player can apply different strategies:
- Collapse - find existing chains of 3 or more bubbles.
- Cause avalanches - manage to pop enough bubbles as to cut off an entire section – causing all of the bubbles underneath to pop as well.
- Collect new chains of balls.
- Sort out marbles by colors and shooting them at different angles to quickly create a desired combination.
+ Puzzle Mode - 650 fun levels of saga puzzles.
+ Arcade Mode - The bubbles will go down gradually so you need to shoot quickly to avoid death.
Have 2 mode for this Shoot Bubble 2016 game :
- Bubble shooter games in 2016 have so many bubble color. This app still belong to best apps about bubble by simple, cool UI, shooting 3d ball. You will love the fun bubble shoot mania worlds and burst or crush bubble lines in this puzzle game with your hand.
- Shoot Bubble 2016 is similar in both the features and controls to the traditional classic bubble shooter games .Shoot bubble world wars is a wildly addictive bubble lines crush legend puzzle game!
- The power of magic witch wars shoot bubble is in your hands! Shoot bubble and match 3 deluxe bubble to walk through limited levels in this completely journey shoot legend bubble puzzle mania adventure and more than enough to removing your bored time . Theme will change when you up level.
-This game can be so addictive that it can cause a mania. A mania of bubbles popping here and there and everywhere. This bubble game is content appropriate with kids, toddlers, support tablet and is the bubble shooter new. Download and play it make you can stop playing it.


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