Sholo Guti 16 Beads

Sholo Guti 16 Beads

Size 3.8MB

Sholo Guti 16 Beads

Sholo Guti 16 Beads

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Sholo Guti is a Checker game like Chess played between 2 players. Sholo Guti game is famous in Bangladesh and India and other asian regions. This is one of the smartest strategic board game played by two persons Local people passes their leisure time by playing sholo guti 16 beads game or bhag bakri game. They draw the cort of this game on the ground and uses stones as pawns.
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Rules of the Game
This game is played between 2 person. Each having 16 Pawns / 16 guti. These pawns can move one step forward on the valid positions of the cort. If a player can cross a pawn of the other side then the player will achieve 1 point. In this way whoever manages to achieve 16 points / 16 guti / 16 beads will be the winner. Main idea is to win 16beads game and take care of bagh chal.
Key Feature of top-rated Sholo guti game -
** Simple UI and attractive design
** Smooth animations
** 2 player game
** Counter-clockwise turn rotation like in real game play
** Multi Player sholo guti game
** Play totally offline
** Extreme User Friendly for bagh chal / tiger trap tricks
** Bots with improved Artificial intelligence AI
** Play sholo guti offline as single player strategy board game
Sholo guti game is also popular as bhag bakri game,tigers vs goats, sholo goti, goat game, goats and tigers or stones crossover game. This is highly popular indian game for local. People called this game as bhag bakri game because they treated 16beads as goat and tiger. We will soon add sholo guti online game feature. Challenge your friends family, practice best strategy game and have fun!
Download sholo guti 16 beads game for your phone today and have endless hours of fun. This is the best sholo gutti game, dont wait more for board games download just get free sholo guti game now for your android phone.
Be the smart player, make your strategic plan and play sholo guti 16 beads as local checkers as sholo goti is a checker type game like Chess. Sholo goti game is game for intelligent people as player has to make strategy to win against opponent. Game also famous as tigers vs goats or goats and tigers game, people play sholo guti game with stones cross over like pawn in chess
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