Roller Coaster Simulator 2017

Roller Coaster Simulator 2017

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Roller Coaster Simulator 2017

Roller Coaster Simulator 2017

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Roller Coaster Simulator 2017 - Experience the real life sensation and excitement of riding in this simulator game. Enjoy real freaky and crazy ride through the realistic environments and get ready to touch the sky with a simulation ride of roller coaster rush. This game allows you to control the speed to keep it on track. Don't put your passengers lives in danger. If your speed goes high then your coaster will be derailed. So avoid dangers by accelerating the speed and enjoy the zigzag tracks in this simulator.
Simulator Game Features :
1. 84 thrilling rides to play.
2. 10 high speed and crazy roller coasters to upgrade.
3. 4 different environments to explore like hill stations, sea shore, city and galaxy mode.



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