Robot Attack on Grand City

Robot Attack on Grand City

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Robot Attack on Grand City

Robot Attack on Grand City

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Do you want to be real fighter? Are You Ready to control a Robot? We Bring an robot game " Robot Attack on Grand City". If you are fond of controlling super machines so then you must love this robot game. Discover new ways of attacking a city, be a monster robot that people are scared of and destroy the buildings, police cars & kill the civilians before they escape. Enjoy different levels with your shooting skills in this robot battle games. You as a robot have to proof yourself. The war of the future breaks out! In this futuristic Robot game robots compete in brutal fighting battles against city police. Upgrade your fighting skills to the top level abs try to survive in the city! Massive robot wars have begun, so try different shooting skills. be a killer robot – just a mean steel machine made to kill, fight and with no mercy.
Fight hard to become an ultimate champion in this battlefield. The futuristic weapons are going to help you to kill & Attack using tactical expertise against the deadly force of the enemies. Attacking public places and create a panic is your strategy. Robot equipped with the high explosive weapons and will be using against a common man. This is not going to be an ordinary battle; you have fought against opponents in other wars. It’s time to Destroy the earth with metal gun and prove that you are the best shooter and ready against any fight. This is a blend of robot fighting games and robot war games ever.
Features of Robot Attack on Grand City:
Futuristic game Environment
play as a futuristic robot
Variety of opponent police vehicles including cars
Realistic sci-fi robot animations
Attractive lighting and effects for being in sync with future games theme



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