Super Spider: Rescue

Super Spider: Rescue

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Super Spider: Rescue

Super Spider: Rescue

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Fan of super spider? Our exquisite introduction to rescue games is a refreshing presentation of rescue savior! Suit up in your special attire and be ready to use your super powers to save the people of the city from natural calamities in this maverick rescue game. Fly around the city on low altitudes and keep yourself vigilant to spot people in need of help; there might be someone in critical condition waiting for an ambulance after a tragic accident or somebody is dangerously close to falling from edge of a sky scraper. Here is when your futuristic powers come in play, be the savior of the city and use your supernatural abilities to fly to the emergency situation before any medic can reach there in this most awaited entry to flying games. Once you get there, hold the person in need of help in your arms and hover towards the nearest hospital, drop the person safe and sound to complete your mission. This rescue thriller will give you a fun filled task in every new mission; save children from fast moving traffic or help out people in evacuating from building that has caught fire. So get ready to have the most exquisite experience in this exciting summit to spider flying games.
**Gameplay Features**
• Breathtaking realistic 3d animations with eye catching HD graphics to capture details of spider animations.
• An absolute treat for the lovers of rescue games with comprehensive gameplay of 4 missions (each mission has 5 levels).
• Thrilling sound effects.
• Large city map with multiple buildings.
• Impressive and easy on screen controls.
• Playable on multiple devices.
This rescue game offers a fresh action filled task every time for making the city a safe and reliable place in this amazing flying game. Keep your mind focused and your hands steady as this futuristic game has a lot to offer, so what is the wait now? Download now SUPER SPIDER: RESCUE and enjoy the greatest of rescue games.



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