Real Dragon Simulator 3D

Real Dragon Simulator 3D

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Real Dragon Simulator 3D

Real Dragon Simulator 3D

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Real Dragon Simulator 3D
You are a luminescent, majestic creature with a drive for adventure and a fiery breath!
‘Tis but an ordinary day in the life of a dragon! Swoop down with your notorious family flock and strike terror into the citizens of the Earth! Fight other threatening beasts such as ogres and orcs to reclaim your territory. They don’t stand a chance against your fiery breath and sharp talons! Defend yourself against castle guards looming from security towers. Archers and knights will try to save their damsel in distress--but you’ll have none of it! Fight for your survival and protect your young. Fly high into the peaks and hilly, mountainous terrain over which you preside. Dive, grab prey, and utilize the epic fireball attack. Attack and terrorize this medieval town, because, who else will?!
Real Dragon Simulator 3D Features:
•AStart as a single dragon and build your clan over time. Breed, feed, and protect your family.
•Simple & Easy touch based controls
•Dynamic weather features
•Mesmerizing medieval 3D graphics
•Upgrade Attack, Energy, and health features by evolving your dragon
•Complete exciting hunting and attacking missions.
•Realistic animal behavior and animations.
•Different camera dynamics
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What's New

• Mesmerizing 3D graphics
• Upgrade Attack, Energy and health features for better attacking skills
• Real day and night cycle
• Complete exciting missions
• Level up your dragons by performing different activities.
• Evolve your dragon to increase Health and attack.
• Realistic animal behavior and animations.
• Rotate the camera how you want, zoom in and out
• Beautiful visual and sound effect


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