Princess Food Cooking

Princess Food Cooking

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Princess Food Cooking

Princess Food Cooking

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Food games are a fun way to pass the time and Princess Food Cooking is one of them. All begins where you own a food shop and your job is prepare fast food for your clients. They will tip you regarding how perfect the food is and serve it in the available time !
The first level like in most of the food games , allows you to cook burgers , hot-dogs , fried eggs and serve juice ! Of course you can upgrade your plate , juice maker , pan and other cooking tools from the beginning.
The second level , if you unlock it , you have to cook pasta and spaghetti with bacon , meatballs and parsley !
Also you have to be fast and cook the meat before the time runs out and also serve it to your clients.
The third level is more dedicated to meat lovers so here you have to cook pork ribs , fries , rice , salads and other steaks. All the tools upgraded in the preview levels will also be available in higher levels so it helps you cook better and faster !
The fourth level is a special one with traditional burritos and other mexican food !
Princess Food Cooking FEATURES:
In this fun cooking restaurant game with princesses, you start with a fast food shop. You are cooking burgers and cooking hotdogs and if you earn enough money you
can buy a new restaurant and unlock new recipes. Make burger really fast you will get a bigger tip.
In our restaurant game, at the second level, you can start to cooking italian pasta recipes and other types of pasta for the hungry customers.
Our food games is the same, cook fast and learn pasta recipes so you can earn money for each dish you properly cook,
At level 3 you are ready to prepare all type of steaks. All the upgrades achieved in the previous levels, burger restaurant and pasta restaurant,
are available in all levels. The final level of this food games is the most difficult.
The taco restaurant is very popular in America and this is the reason why you will have a lot of clients.
In order to cook taco and nachos, in this fun princess game, you need to move and cook fast so your customers are happy.
Some of our food game recipes include usual cooking dishes but also some international cooking dishes like:
burger cooking , hotodog cooking , pasta , steak , italian food or even mexican food cooking like tacos and burittos.
Do you think you are up to handle this restaurant cooking game and reach to level 4 ? Hope you enjoyed playing our food games and if you want more features for Princess Food Cooking Shop game please leave a comment


What's New

Improved gameplay !
Improved recipes


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