Pregnant Mom and Newborn Twins Maternity Care Game

Pregnant Mom and Newborn Twins Maternity Care Game

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Pregnant Mom and Newborn Twins Maternity Care Game

Pregnant Mom and Newborn Twins Maternity Care Game

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During pregnancy every mom and her babies in her belly needs a top priority attention of both the daddy and his family. Mom have lot of changing in her body and in very crucial stage of her life and every mom have a extreme desire to give birth a healthy baby but the situation is very tough for her because in a very busy life she needs good diet, exercise, sleep and care of her family and the most painful time is delivery.Delivery decision is also very sensitive for doctors mom and her family. So the most of the mothers scare about the normal delivery because its contain a lot of pain but doctors suggest it and because of mom future good health impact.But sometimes doctors goes for surgery when it's difficult and very high profile mother case at that time normal delivery is not possible. In this application we are as a doctor, maternity care taker and after birth babysitter. So keep focus and prepare yourself for all that Pregnancy and after birth baby care taker activities.We are very happy because in our mother case we have twins baby and both are very cute and naughty. Here we help the baby with precaution top after the delivery time to grow up till 2 years.
Top Features:
>Help mommy to arrange her room, give routine pregnancy checkup of Heartbeats,
Temperature, oxygen and baby sate in belly with Ultrasound.
>Dad would come to give tablets, injection, drip and a regular glass of milk with full of nutrition for her good health.
>Entertain the mom with latest Songs and with her favourite Band music Pop , classic , folk and rock.
>Fresh Fruits and Vegetables with Juices during pregnancy can improve you mentally and increase physically it's also help baby with great nutrition and healthy food.
>Tone up the baby with colourful headphones fun music on the mom belly for newborn baby that are coming soon in this world .
>Oh no! Mommy is not felling well call to the emergency dial 912 for Ambulance and take her Medical first Aids during the travel to hospital.
> Mom in operation theater best gynecologist for best pregnancy surgery, cut, and bandage.
> Congratulation! Mommy would be being successful surgery and birth cute twin babies.
> Cut umbilical cords of babies with best tools. put crying babies in carts.
>Put bandages and stitches on the belly with best surgical tools.
>Be a nurse and put them in swing clean the baby with tissues and put baby powder on body and cover them in their first brand new pampers and dresses.
> Let's go to the shopping mall & buy everything new for newborn babies. Go home from hospital on the brand new sport car gift of daddy for the babies.
> Bubble Time!!! First Spa and Bath in the home with luxurious soaps , fluffy bubbles, shower and towel for babies along with Mommy.
>Dry Mommy hairs with top branded hair dryer and make them DIY smooth and silky long hairs.
> Hmmm. It's time to dress Up babies with unlimited Dresses , Shoes , Caps and Glasses.
>Fashionate the mommy with top new designs and favourite dresses , shoes and Jewellery. 
>In any stage of the game you can capture the every moment of the mommy pregnancy , delivery , baby care taking activities.
> You can save your best creativity in your mobile devices and also share with your best friends and family.
>Virtually manage all mommy and babies daily routine activities.
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