Offroad Truck Driving School: USA Truck Simulator

Offroad Truck Driving School: USA Truck Simulator

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Offroad Truck Driving School: USA Truck Simulator

Offroad Truck Driving School: USA Truck Simulator

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Grab steering of modern heavy duty trucks to test extreme USA truck driving school 2018 skills in countryside rugged terrain. Revved up engine to operate cargo trailer in latest Offroad Truck Driving School: USA Truck Simulator. Drive with extreme euro truck speed on treacherous curvy roads. Ride on advanced american truck to explore the huge open world environment in ultimate trailer truck games.
Drive modern euro truck and 4x4 heavy vehicles off the road in advanced big truck driving simulator 2018. Experience crazy euro truck racing like real project offroad trucker up the steep hills and dangerous mountain roads. Drive through countryside mountain paths to become best USA truck driver 3D simulator. Show precision driving to control heavy loader & cargo truck vehicles on hill station construction zone. Cement mixer crane and transport truck has to be controlled by skilled off-road driver in big euro truck parking games. Get USA truck in position along with big cargo trailer & tree log camion on tricky offroad terrain. Maneuver steering wheel of euro truck and face hurdles for realistic project offroad driving experience. Start engine to feel power of huge USA truck while driving school games through project off-road steep, curvy and dangerous mud roads. Master super american truck driving skills by exploring countryside environment in project off-road big euro truck parking games 2018.
Driving 18 wheeler truck, big euro truck and lorries in project off-road steep hills is always a big challenge. Your duty is to perform professional USA truck driver job to be an ultimate cargo trailer driver in big euro truck driving school 2018. Increase your grand truck speed to escapade realistic driving stunts in this countryside truck driving games. Load heavy stones and tree logs in cargo truck to transport them on construction site. Loader truck games contains amazing graphics with realistic vehicle controls and transport trucking duty. Face challenging ultra parking lots where you park forklift and heavy cargo trucks on treacherous paths. You must have played mountain racing and big euro truck games, now test the power of driving monster camion.
Off road Truck Driving School 3D game is specially designed for extreme rough big truck driving. Drive grand dumper & city garbage truck, outfitted with front driving axle and special 4x4 tires. Your favourite USA truck is ready for heavy loads to be transported in project offroad environment. Auto transport trailer is tough enough to drive at off-terrain mountain roads as horrible turns can lead truck towards depths. Heavy duty truck driving on steep curvy mud roads will help to be pro big truck driver. Carry load in heavy cargo trucks from mountain top by its revved engine and precision driving expertise.
Offroad Truck Driving School: USA Truck Simulator Game Features:
Challenging cargo transport adventures in pro truck parking missions
Advanced heavy loader camion to drive on off-road terrain
Expand your heavy transportation missions by unlocking real euro trucks
Drive following ATV off terrain vehicles:
- Extreme dump hauler
- Animal transporter truck
- Cargo delivery vehicle
- Off road army truck
- Hinged Trailer
- 4x4 Logging Truck
Smooth steering wheel control with hydraulic winch, gearbox and brakes pedal
Realistic physics simulation & 3D graphics in countryside surroundings
Rugged terrain and treacherous roads along steep hills
Download Offroad Truck Driving School: USA Truck Simulator games to rip around dunes for unending euro truck parking adventures.


What's New

***Multiple vehicles added for real off-roading adventures:
- Heavy Cargo Truck
- Big Container Trailer
- Construction Dumper Crane
- 4x4Army Jeep
- Tree Logging Truck
***Smooth steering wheel control with hydraulic winch, gearbox and brakes pedal
***Intuitive controls for driving on offroad terrain
***Designed for both low resolution and high resolution devices (incl. tablets)
***Real life 3D graphics and realistic physics simulation


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