Offroad Bike Rider Simulator

Offroad Bike Rider Simulator

Size 29.4MB

Offroad Bike Rider Simulator

Offroad Bike Rider Simulator

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Offroad Bike Rider Simulator is a action packed, stunt filled motocross game as you star as a tough offroad motorbike rider. Select your offroad bike from our exclusive collection and go explore the huge open world, drive fast, jump high, and perform insane bike stunts to get some wicked air. With this new offroad motocross simulation, you've got total freedom to go fast and explore the wide open environment.
Choose your preferred motorbike for the environment, super realistic bikes with equally real driving physics, experience the thrills of riding fast motorbikes offroad in the truest form of motorbike riding simulation. Watch out for the offroad vehicles that are driving around the open world, these can be seen throughout driving along the dirt roads that weave their way around this giant desert environment.
Do you enjoy motorbike and zoom around at extreme speeds? You crazy enough to jump off high sand dunes and get some wicked air time? Get ready for the latest real motorbike game, Offroad Bike Rider Simulator!



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