Off-Road Army Vehicle Transport Truck Driver 2019

Off-Road Army Vehicle Transport Truck Driver 2019

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Off-road Army Vehicle Transport Truck Driver 2019
Army Trailer Driver : Off-road is more thrilling at each level. Drive carefully through the dark night, in foggy weather and in thundering rain. Your Duty is to transport army vehicles like,
Armoured fighting vehicle,Reconnaissance vehicle, Military Ambulance , Electronic warfare vehicles, Military draisnes (light rail vehicles), military trucks , military missiles, military trailer etc.
Let’s have driving of army truck from us army military base camp. You are playing as military trailer driver of an army transporter truck and as a military officer driver and you have to drive an army 4x4 truck across forests, uphill mountains etc. to drop army commando sniper, oil tanker, war field tanks and other military cargo to their check posts safely. Extreme driving duty, deadly track, limited time and hilly areas are the most challenging tasks for a military officer driver to drive on. Use your experienced off-road driving skills and drive armed truck, transport tanks and other army vehicles from one base camp to other base camp or check post for army survival. Armed soldiers are ready for fighting in battlefield and their cargo is ready to deliver at war battle field.
As a professional off-road army security truck driver you have to show your expert army driving skills and get ready for extremely dangerous off-road army drive with a variety of crazy vehicles including armed trucks, military trailers, 6x6 trucker, army prado, military hammer, army 4x4 jeep, oil tanker, cargo transporter truck etc. to drive on deadly impossible tracks.
Game Play:
- Hold your Staring and other Controls and Follow the Arrow Signal
- Arrow Signal guide you the way of Load Tank on Truck
- When you Load the army vehicles successfully on the Truck your Level will complete and you
will get points.
- You can use your points for upgrade your long army trailers or other Items
Features of Off-road Army Vehicle Transport Truck Driver 2019 :
- Real feel of Tank driving
- Real Experience of Driving Multiple Vehicles
- Explore the Army area
- Transport Cargo on Truck and Train
- Smooth Handling, Lifting and Driving Controls
- Real-time Physics Controls of Driving Heavy Vehicle
- Challenging uphill transportation missions of tank transport
- Military Cargo Transporter has addictive flight simulation game play mode
- Challenging Missions by US Army Transporter Simulator
- Military Ambulance Transport
- Armoured fighting vehicle transport
- Multiple army vehicles like tanks, containers, army jeeps etc
- Extreme off road stunts
- Character Animations
- HD and Amazing 3D Graphics
- offroad jeep transport game


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