New Immortal Superstar Wrestling Game

New Immortal Superstar Wrestling Game

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Are you a real fan of wrestling evolution game? Are you watching wrestling fight game of Ultimate Wrestling, Wrestling Mania, money in the bank, down smack, wrestling freestyle and Wrestling Ring Battle Field? Do you think you know each wrestling championship superstars of wrestling battle games, Wrestling Superstars, wrestling divas, Legends, and wrestling championship like Broccke Lesenare, Johhne Ceenae, The Roccke, Romane Reigns, The Undertakers, Hulke Hougane, Triples H, The Miize, Deane Ambrrosee, Sethe Rollines, Biigs Shhowes, Chrriss Jerichoe, Randie Ortone and others?
Welcome to the world of
New Immortal Superstar Wrestling Game
Fight where you become best wrestler in the ring revolution.
Could you ever imagine the life of a wrestler? Your dream comes true by playing this best wrestling game. World wrestling champions star delivers adventures challenging role in this addictive wrestling game.
New Immortal Superstar Wrestling Game
is Worldwide champion wrestlers fighting game between wrestlers versus wrestlers where different wrestlers participate in to fight in the ring like Hulke Hogane, Ultimate warrior, Andree the Giante, Machoe Mane, The Undertakers, Brete the Hitmane Harte, Stone Colde Stevee Austine, Shawns Michaelse, Kanee, Eddies Gureeroe, The Roccke, Johhns Ceenae, Biigs Shhows, Chrriss Jerichoe, Broccke Lesnaser, Romane Reignes, Bills Goldbergse, Triples He, Randie Ortowns etc. and many more.
It’s time to fight with using a variety of revolutionary tricks such as pins to gain, joint locks, smack down, close fighting, throws and take downs. No mercy with your rival fighter hit them with the chair, ladder, table or anything that you find while fighting. Knock out your opponent with in time to get more score. Try different fighting techniques of revolution wrestler and prove to be the best in the rumble fighting.
Build your roster of mighty Wrestling Ring Battle Field Superstars and join forces with other champions in TAG-TEAM match-ups. Play action-packed EVENTS in sync with real world Wrestling Ring Battle Field Live shows Tournament like Friday Night RAWS, Smack down Live, Clash of Champions PPVT Tournament, and monthly Title events with Shield Team.
Enjoy Real ragdoll effects and realistic effects create awesome effect while wrestling. Wrestling ring has many realistic things under it with which you can have real fun with table wrestling of crazy wrestling fighting games.
Features of
New Immortal Superstar Wrestling Game
• One handed, on-the-go gameplay.
• Clash with other players in dozens of tournaments.
• Mission oriented levels
• Best challenging wrestling game with wrestling fight
• Play and win the undisputed world wrestling championship
• Real World Wrestlers & Boxers battle it out with Choke Slam, Drop Kick
• Face different wrestling & boxing rivals with a myriad of fighting techniques
• Unlock Superstars for the ultimate wrestling championship tournament
• Authentic maneuvers and realistic punch boxing moves
• Heavy weight champions to battle it out in the ring in free wrestling
• Authentic Wrestling Moves like Chair Shot, Tombstone, Pile Driver
• Heavy Weight Tag Team Champions Battle against Your Real Tag Team in Death Fights
• Candid Opponent Engagements and Realistic Punch & Kick Boxing Motions
• 3d Animations and Realistic Quality Sound Heat Your Blood
• 3D Graphics and realistic condition wrestling game
• 3D impacts and animation with incredible sound
• Entertainment at its best in this pro wrestling stars game
• Kick boxing and karate fighting kung fu wrestling stars fight
• Revolutionary ideas in this wrestling, fighting revolution game
• Taken stars wrestling and boxing rivals with great fighting techniques


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