My Talking Cat Donna

My Talking Cat Donna

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My Talking Cat Donna

My Talking Cat Donna

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Your child loves to play with animals? Then make her/him happy. Our new cat Donna could be your new virtual pet.
You can change her outfit depending on your mood. Whether you dress your cat in suits or costumes, she will be satisfied for taking care of her look. You can also change hats or hairstyles in a way that fits the most with her suits. My talking cat Donna has a special room for make up, so take care of her beauty: change the color of cat’s eyes, blush her cheeks, put lipstick or eyeshadow on her face. If you want your virtual cat to feel famous, join Donna on her own stage. Your virtual cat Donna will repeat everything you say with different voices which you can also choose.
Virtual cat Donna will be thankful if you play with her, bathe or feed her. You can buy groceries and help your virtual pet Donna prepare some delicious food. She will show you if she needs to go to the toilet better than your real animal pet would do.
Change furniture in her rooms so that she can feel more comfortable. If you don't have enough money to make changes, earn it by playing roulette on homescreen which is available on every ten hours, or if you can't wait that long, another option is to watch video to save your time. Depending on how lucky you are you can buy furniture for your virtual cat locked for upper levels.
For more fun and better pleasure play mini games and charge your batteries for your virtual pet My talking cat Donna.
- play with virtual cat Donna and see how funny moves she has
- make up your virtual pet and see how pretty she can be
- take her to the bathroom and satisfy her needs
- feed your virtual cat Donna when she is hungry
- if she is tired, take your virtual cat to the bed and turn off the lights
- talk with virtual cat Donna and she will repeat everything with funny voices
- play mini games in My Talking Cat Donna for better fun
You can treat Donna as if she was your own animal pet if you already don't have the real one and test yourself if you can adopt whether the real or the virtual one.



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