My Pretend Hotel - Kids Luxury Summer Vacation

My Pretend Hotel - Kids Luxury Summer Vacation

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Are you ready for Summer break at a luxury hotel? Are you wanting to spend your Summer in a resort hotel with a rooftop pool, gift shop, clothing store and boutique, & luxurious penthouse suite with your family and friends? Have you been looking forward to Summer Vacation?
Then you will LOVE My Pretend Hotel - Kids Luxury Summer Vacation & Holiday Family & Friends Life!
It’s time for a vacation with family! Take a trip to a luxury hotel resort with a water park!
Check in at the lobby, and play with several items including a phone, fish tank, bellhop cart, luggage, and more!
Go to the elevator, and pick a floor! Head to the suite, and check out all the luxury furnishings, king size bed, and incredible hotel views!
Go to the rooftop pool, hang with your friends, & listen to some amazing music!
Check out the boutique, gardens, restaurant buffet style menu, and more!
My Pretend Hotel is this Summer's best vacation & holiday resort! Enjoy this game all Summer long!!


What's New

Happy Holidays update!
Explore the Waterpark next to the Hotel, and enjoy brand new voice overs for instructions in the game!
Have fun exploring this Gigantic Luxury Hotel and Resort!

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