Modern Gun Shooter Sniper Killer

Modern Gun Shooter Sniper Killer

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Modern Gun Shooter Sniper Killer

Modern Gun Shooter Sniper Killer

" Action "
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The enemy is now advancing. Hide behind real obstacles and shoot while moving. Slide on screen to move and sight. Change weapons from store as required! It’s time to show your hunter hooting ability, bullets are rare and precious and don’t waste them. Remember to aim precisely at the target before shooting! You, an elite commando sniper shooter and this battle together with once disparate SWAT forces are called for combating terrorist activities. Sniper, it’s no time for diplomacy. It’s time to take action! You will receive some free war weapons when you first play this ultimate fight game, and then tap on the level to start the heroic mission. You will receive some mission rewards when you kill one enemy and if you can complete the whole challenging mission, the more reward you will get! Upgrade weapons will help you raise your fight power, gain higher attack score and get richer rewards! Also you can power up your attack by switching between different war weapons.
You must use all of your war and commando specialized skills to survive the onslaught of the terror of enemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers. Faced with this situation, you have no choice but to grasp the nettle, win the war and show the defeat. From the M16 to AK47 and sniper guns, as you have access to a variety of light and heavy weapons specially provided for wars, as well as powerful grenade too! In this battle you will be sent to different war locations to perform the difficult task. It's time to aim down the sniper scope, strike and fire at the enemy soldiers that have overrun the commando covered tropical island paradise, once home to a peaceful nation. It is your duty to fight and help bring the peace back to island and eliminate the enemy armies that have taken over.
With fun and easy game controls, you can become one of the most lethal commando snipers out there, come and join in on the action of this new and realistic war sniper shooting game. Battle against the warrior enemy in tons of action packed missions. Get into the best sniping position and scope out the under covered area for any groups of military that are patrolling the island, take aim and fire at them, hunt them down and kill them. Once you've have taken out one of their comrades, they will fire back at you with full power in order to take revenge. Be careful and watch your health and ammo because if either goes to zero during the mission, you will fail the mission, so plan your attack on the enemies, be brutal and make every bullet count. You are well equipped with modern weapons including sniper like shadow pump guns & short gun war and battlefield rifles so as a silent frontier sharp sniper super shooter battle warrior aim, target & hunt lethal criminal & gangster show them your wrath, assault to firepower combat shoot battle action royal them. This free bullet action force battlefield gameplay is full of fast action thrilling terror free fps gun broker mission & army hot sniper hunter shooting war spree, so use your elite sniper terrorist hunting skills to be a true stealth mutant war warrior hero to horrifying the hardcore runner city terrorist & real gangster crime.
*Key Words*
• Strategic war game
• Complete & unlock challenging missions
• Intense FPS shooting gameplay
• High quality HD graphics
• Hunt & eliminate target
• Top-notch thrilling sound effects


What's New

- Minor Issues Resolved
- Crashes and ANRs Resolved


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