Magic Kingdom Princess Rescue

Magic Kingdom Princess Rescue

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Magic Kingdom Princess Rescue

Magic Kingdom Princess Rescue

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We can read all the stories about the most beautiful and best beings, namely princesses. Absolutely adore stories in which the princess falls in love with a prince that meets to the prom. In this girls game you'll be able to do some of the most beautiful love story, you'll be witness to this fascinating stories and even will be able to help the prince to rescue his beautiful princess who is closed by an evil witch in the tower. Witch wants the beauty of princess and therefore decides to close her with a spell. You will need to help the handsome prince to pass all tests. We're sure you'll have fun very well and learn many interesting things. You'll feel very good about our story, you'll feel like it's really happening and even will become the best friend of the prince.
Our story will make you escape from the real world, you'll live a fantastic story.
- Princess and Prince are to the prom, they are celebrating the fact that soon they will marry but after the party ends a witch shows up and kidnaps the beautiful princess.
- Witch does a spell and binds the princess;
- Now it can close her into the tower;
- Prince wants to save his future wife and now needs your help;
- You must help him to dress;
- Choose suitable clothing;
- Do not forget to choose a suitable sword;
- The horse must be prepared;
- Give him food;
- Offer water;
- Wash his horse;
- The two can go to find the beautiful princess;
- The first clue will find him in a trunk;
- In the trunk was a map showing the way to the place where princess is attire;
- Prince must go through the maze to find a part of the map;
- It must now make a potion that can help open the door to the place where the princess;
- It needs: flowers, pumpkins, apples and mushrooms;
- In the front door is a dragon;
- Prince has to fight with him;
- Help him win the fight;
- Now Prince may open the door and can save the beautiful princess, but the witch appears and begin to fight;
- Witch uses magic wand to win but Prince throws a potion and manages to beat;
- Now that the witch is not, the prince saves the princess;
- Follow the wedding;
- The bride and groom looked very good;
- The horse brings rings;
- The two married and are very happy;
- You are a wonderful friend.
Have fun with us every day through this game to save princesses.
Have fun!



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