Mafia Gangster Street Crime City Criminal

Mafia Gangster Street Crime City Criminal

Size 92.4MB

Mafia Gangster Street Crime City Criminal

Mafia Gangster Street Crime City Criminal

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The crime lords of the mad mafia city are again in power returning with mafia criminal valor to
destroy the criminal mafia also attaining more power to the crime world. You can use the mafia
criminal helicopter attack to change your way of grand crime in the mafia game. No one can stop
you from spreading city crime with your mafia theft and mafia gangster gang.
Mafia gangster and its mad city robbery in the street crime simulator is one hell of a mafia theft
by the gang of the crime lord of the grand city crime. This gangster city crime in the street crime
world mafia is fully loaded with criminal mafia, mafia theft, robbery in the mafia crime city.
Don’t miss out all the grand gangster crime in the city criminal world and press the download
button on your play stores and become the part of the downtown mafia crime world.
Snatch away any gangster limo in grand mafia streets and don’t hesitate once driving any mafia
gangster limo or crime lord shooting helicopter while doing robbery. Grab any luxury limo from
the passing by passenger and drive it as the grand city crime luxury gangster limo showing it off
around the mafia gangster mad city.
The grand city crime will require his weapons at all times for mafia crime city grand crime
world. The mafia theft in the mad city is to its full velocity with mafia theft and criminal mafia
which needs more robbery under the rules of the current crime lords. The mafia gangster of
grand mafia crime has to take a meeting with the secret agent to unlock weapons and receive
crime lord instructions about the new mafia game missions!
You are the grand mafia of crime city in this street crime mafia game, having all rights to spread
fear around & everywhere and make sure that you don’t get caught in the traps of any police or
army luxury limo or you will have to pay for your robbery and city crime. You will get penalized
one more way, if you get busted in the mafia game then your reward coins and the weapons like
bullet pistols, the fully loaded machine gun can get confiscated ending your mission and gangster
city crime life.
Although this time there is a new exciting feature and twist in the mad city mafia gangster game
which includes three different types of mafia gangster attack bases. The grand gangster can hide and do mafia crime in the desert city and do mafia crime. The mafia crime lord can use the helicopter attack for shooting helicopter skills to spread criminal mafia theft in the grand city crime.
* Download the grand street crime gangster city crime game
*Press start to the begin the gangster crime mafia game
* Select the mafia gangster in crime simulator mafia game
*Receive the crime world mission from the crime lord
* Complete the criminal mafia gang mission
* Follow the navigation map to move in the crime city
* Grab the weapons and luxury limo from other citizens
* Unlock the weapons by finishing the mad city grand gangster missions
* Take revenge with other criminal mafia and complete mission
* Amazing HD graphics
*Background sound with shooting
* Epic storyline missions of the thug life
* Amazing firing targeting option
* Custom controls with customizable layout
* Thrilling open world environment of city limo



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