Mafia City US Police Bike: Motorbike driving games

Mafia City US Police Bike: Motorbike driving games

Size 53.5MB

Mafia City US Police Bike: Motorbike driving games

Mafia City US Police Bike: Motorbike driving games

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Get ready to enter fast and furious action of driving fast police bikes and complete chase missions in this exiting driving games! Race to chase gangsters and robbers around the mafia city at break neck speeds. Unlock exciting police cop bikes like heavy bikes to drive and control crime city traffic in the this brand new open world bike driving simulator! The game features a huge crime city with bridges, highways and offroad tracks in the suburbs of the city. Download Mafia City US Police Bike: Motorbike driving games and enjoy realistic gameplay! if you love police simulator games then download it today!
Experience realistic US police bike chase and cop driving simulation game, turn on police bike chase sirens and lights just like in the real world. Bike chase vehicles, drift and turn around tight city corners, flip and wreck your bike with real time, see each deformation like scratches and dents with each police bike crash. During US Police bikes Chase, you can totally wreck your US police arrest and smash into other cars to get some serious adventure!
In this US police cop simulator game, drive, chase, dodge, and pull over busy crime city traffic who are breaking laws and bothering other drivers. You can race and chase down any car in the game to arrest, whether US Police bikes, taxi's, ice cream trucks, and angry traffic to earn rewards and unlock new faster authentic police bikes with unique gameplay, controls and designs! Discover many Racing bike Pursuit missions for endless enjoyment. You will encounter gangster squad trying to rob banks and shops, so use the US cop bike to stop the heist and arrest them in this US police chase simulator. If the gangster escapes, you will be involved in thrilling gangster car chase with just like the movies! Uphold the law in the mafia city games in this motorbike driving games. Gangsters will have hostage so be careful when you damage the gangster car with your US Police bikes. Do your duty as the NY Police, encounter cop bike chase and become the best in this US police chase simulator by arresting gangster chase!
Show off your expert skills and perform bike stunts in the mafia city games- play one of the best free US police Motorbike driving games on the market! The 3d game brings you very large open worlds for the best cop bike chase city games experience! Race around mega city, perform tricks and stunts, and stop disorder as US Police arrest! The most realistic and extreme US Police motorbike driving games you'll ever experience.
Locate and stop Illegal Street Races, Underground Races, Track Races and Traffic Races. Chase down all criminals. Become an expert real police bike rider and drive heavy cop bikes. Enjoy highly detailed view of the NY Police bikes, gangster chase and earn points for escape crime from the cop. You have to make sure the roads and the city remains peaceful as you patrol around the crime city. Drive in massive 3D open world city, find most wanted gangsters and street racers and chase them down. The robbers will be driving sports cars as you will maneuver on city highways as the US police cop force and nab criminals before they escape the crime city so chase them in this police arrest. Gangsters have entered the town to create trouble. You have to give car chase and bring down the crime. Enjoy cop games? Police motorbike driving games? Then this is the best!
Enjoy the open world Motorbike driving game with multiple cities
Near endless driving roads, from mega highways to offroad tracks
Realistic bike driving game physics
Traffic driven using A.I in the police simulator
Multiple camera views for US Police bike
Drive in difficult traffic for exhilarating experience
Highly portable, play on all devices
Complete missions to unlock police heavy bikes
Detailed and accurate cop bike models
Smooth and easy police bike controls
No Wi-Fi required in this bike chase cop simulator


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