Machine Gun Simulator FREE

Machine Gun Simulator FREE

Size 13.6MB

Machine Gun Simulator FREE

Machine Gun Simulator FREE

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Looking for weapons with great firepower with a lot of ammunition and durability and efficiency? Machine Gun Simulator is just for you! Come on to try this powerful weapon and feel an unforgettable experience. 
App contain light and medium machine guns, with muzzle flash, cartridge belts, smoke and sound effects. To play you only need to choose a weapon, set mode to burst, semi-auto or full-auto, pull the trigger and you'll feel realistic sound and shots. You can also set options to slow and guns will shot in slow motion. If you run out of bullets just tap on magazine or click on reload button and ammunition belt will reload automatically.
There is an option that allows you to shoot in burst mode, full auto and semi-auto.
With counter of burning bullets you can know exactly how much you're fired bullets, also you can compare the number of fired bullets with your friends and compete who will more. 
Weapons included:
- AK Rpk 7.62mm
- FN Fal (LMG) 7.62mm
- Fn Minimi 5.56mm
- M240B 7.62mm
- Hk121 7.62mm
- MK46 5.56mm
and more...
* More then 8 most used machine guns in the world
* Selective fire
* Slow motion
* Counter of burning bullets
* Shell drop down
* Unlimited Ammunition
* Easy to use interface
* Smoke effect
* Device light flashes
* Realistic sound
* Widget to fire at any time
* Offline access to lots of weaponry
You can also add a widgets on your home screen and use gun sounds at any time. Transform your device in to firearms!
About Machine guns:
A machine gun is a fully automatic mounted or portable firearm, usually designed to fire bullets in quick succession from an ammunition belt or magazine. They are divided into "light", "medium", "heavy" or "general-purpose", even the lightest machine guns tend to be substantially larger and heavier than other automatic weapons. Some machine guns have in practice sustained fire almost continuously for hours, other automatic weapons overheat after less than a minute of use.


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