Kabaddi Fighting - Pro Wrestling Knockout League

Kabaddi Fighting - Pro Wrestling Knockout League

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Kabaddi Fighting - Pro Wrestling Knockout League

Kabaddi Fighting - Pro Wrestling Knockout League

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Wrestling stadium is all set for final kabaddi fighting - pro knockout wrestling league game. Kabaddi is a popular Asian sports. Kabaddi fighter is always ready to knockout his opponent. Play your role as a lethal kabaddi fighting knock-out expert. Face the best kabaddi wrestling championship in sand filled arena. The dangal is packed with spectators. World class Asian players are here to compete in this kabaddi fighting knock-out wrestling championship game. Challenge strongest immortal players and dodging masters.
Kabaddi fighting knockout league is a top contender fight between world class champions in this knock out league. Play this freestyle championship and be a pro fighting king of real world wrestling champion league game. Prove yourself as a strong kabaddi fighting pro wrestling champion. Play free style fighting. Captain your team as raiders knockout expert. Kabaddi fighting knockout is a famous game of south east Asia specially in India and Pakistan. Many renowned kabaddi fighting king players are produced in the region. Kabaddi Fighting Pro Wrestling Knockout League Game is an amazing mixture of Asian wrestling. Land soil is specially prepared. Wrestlers are powerful with immense strength. They rub oil and sand onto their body so the opponent fighters cannot catch them easily. Combat and knock out opposition players. Show real pro fighting moves and get points for you team. It’s a knock-out championship so every pro league match is important.
Take down the pro wrestling super star raiders. Get kabaddi training from your coach before entering into the fighting arena. Battle against the strong raiders. Show your fighting power and lightning speed. Combat opponent raiders with punch and kicks. Perform pro wrestling stunts in real knock out mode. Challenge the most powerful superstar raiders in this amazing kabaddi wrestling championship game. Ultimate pro wrestling league game is the game of real real kings. Defeat your rivals and gain match points. Kabaddi players are ultimate body builders and wrestlers and sportsman. Participate in a massive pro kabaddi fighting vivo pro wrestling game and champions league. Opponent pro wrestling kabaddi fighting players are fast in moves and grabbing techniques. Be careful as you are in the middle of world best wrestling superstars and champions.
How to Play...
Kabaddi fighting pro tag team game is played between two teams of seven players. The main objective is that a raider runs into opponents’ half. The raider has to tag as many defenders of opposition as he can and have to return into its own half before get caught by the opposite defenders. Points scoring depends upon each play a raider has tagged. Opposite team gain points as they have to stop the raider to cross the border line. Stand up your wins, climb up the leader board and finish all levels. Become an immortal player in the world of arena fighting.
Kabaddi Fighting - Pro Wrestling Knockout League Features:
• Fight against the kabaddi raider superstars.
• Face Professional Fighters in Championship.
• Realistic actions and moves.
• Multiple players to make your own wrestling team.
• Clash with pro league athletes.



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