Jail Prison Breakout 2018 - Escape Games Fun

Jail Prison Breakout 2018 - Escape Games Fun

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Jail Prison Breakout 2018 - Escape Games Fun

Jail Prison Breakout 2018 - Escape Games Fun

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The undercover of secret agent, agent John, acted to be the part of the police force of another country, furiously been there and clipping off their long well-established roots using his tricky senses and inimitable sneaky skills. What they know is that they have a brave cop by their side but the thing they are entirely unaware of is that their secrets are being stealthy served to the secret agency, and they are slowly getting worn out by their own trusted one. Somehow on one unlucky day, your cover was blown. He is your chance to get away with all the secret agendas of your rivals, you just need one sneak peak of the uncertain platform where you have been arrested and kept mercilessly. Crazy clown on Alcatraz Jail Prison Breakout 2018 - Escape Games Fun now. Play Jail Prison Breakout 2018 - Escape Games Fun games as the scary survival jail stealth mission. Help the prison hero in this stealth escape jail action game. Help the prison escape as a fearless fighter to escape hard life in this new prison sim. Ditch the prison guard and escape the jailbreak without getting caught. This game allows you to enjoy stealth, survival, strategy & action in a single pack. Plan, strategies & execute your escape in an immersive. Complete plenty of action filled thrilling missions in this true simulation of a prison jailbreak out the game using various different weapons, guns & techniques. Get ready for a crazy adventure in this free game filled with action, stealth & strategy in a high-security prison just like Alcatraz.
Be a fearless thief using your shooting & melee weapons to attack the enemies in prison escape. This thrilling prison break game of jail survival will keep you indulged. The innocent bank manager has been caught by the police & put in Alcatraz jail. This prison break action game will be irresistible so be ready to play. In this prison jailbreak, you are surrounded by prison guards. Make a strategic jailbreak plan for the escape Alcatraz prison. Become the notorious gangster of crime city in this breakout jail game. Escape highly secure prison with cameras everywhere. Take done prison yard guards and cut CCTV camera feed. Take keys from jail warden to get the map of underground tunnels from the prison library. Play next-gen prison break game to end prison life and become free as flying bird. Help prison friends and take them out with you out of the miserable prison life. Best prison breaks 3D game to survive a hard time before escaping the Alcatraz jail.
You have committed no crime, you are just a mom yet you are behind the bars with other criminals in a high-security Alcatraz like a prison. The warden of the jail is evil & corrupt which is why gangsters used him to imprison you. The warden has kept you in high security. You are just a mom but this is a war against the corrupt police & gangsters that you need to win at all costs in order to survive & break out of the prison jail in order to reclaim your freedom. You'll face a lot of fight & gun shooting during your prison break out. The police prison security guards can't allow you to escape so they will shoot with their sniper rifles & guns so expect a lot of gun shooting but that shouldn't stop you because you are a shooter yourself. You know how to shoot & to counter guards attacks you can take them down in the stealth mode & pick up their weapons to strike & shoot back. Hack the security system of the prison to turn off CCTV security cameras & lasers. Find guns & shoot down the prison sniper guards & shooters. Run & chase freedom as a mom in this crazy stealth, survival, shooting, strategy & action adventure. Break out of the jail & escape the prison to win this race for survival & take revenge from the city gangsters.



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