Indian Train Traveller

Indian Train Traveller

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Indian Train Traveller

Indian Train Traveller

" Simulation "
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Travel as a passenger on Indian trains.
Keep an eye on your hunger, thirst and bladder levels.
Travel from your current station to your target destination.
Buy tickets at the counter, board the right train.
Buy food and use the washroom when necessary.
Do not run out of time or money.


What's New

Version 1.0.3
-Continue button issue fixed.
-Next station issue fixed.
-Time increased.
-Other bugs fixed.
Version 1.0.4
-New coach (ICF blue chair car)
-Mumbai to Vadodara route
-Train waiting time before departure
-Coach length options (short and long)
-Bridge sounds fix
-Opposite door option when in train
-Curtain up down button
-Station vendor
-Horn sound while entering and leaving stations
-Train movement improvements
-Other bug fixes
-Bug fixes


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