IGI Missions: Military Commando War

IGI Missions: Military Commando War

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IGI Missions: Military Commando War

IGI Missions: Military Commando War

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Train yourself to go in the cold war and beat your enemy soldiers. Complete the sniper missions and take part in shooting battles. Become an igi commando and have real war against enemy military troops. Play different gun shooting games and hunt the enemy snipers. Complete missions by shooting the enemy bases. Play this action packed game featuring modern weapons. Become an epic fps shooter to end the global strike.
Counter attack on the enemy military bases and become the best US army commando. Do precise shooting and complete the igi missions in the military commando war. Become a secret agent and take part in jungle battles. Play this sniper shooting game and become a part of the igi army. Learn the military tactics and do endless fps shooting. Complete the war missions and become the legendary army commando. Destroy the enemy tanks in the different locations. Experience indoor and outdoor shooting as well. Indoor shooting includes enemy encounters while outdoor includes deadly wars and critical strike on the base camps. Improve your army skills to begin military commando war. Find and locate the enemy hideouts in this commando shooting simulator. Play this fps game and complete the different sniper missions. Use heavy weapons and end the stealth strike.
$$$ IGI Missions: Military Commando War $$$
Endless Sniper Wars to participate in
Realistic Enemies to fire at
Military Forces to assist you
Enemy Missiles to dodge
Complete Commando Missions
Use special sniper rifles
You are the last commando who has to finish the igi missions and end the critical strike. Take part in battle combat and take the project command igi and do endless shooting. Go out in the war ground and shoot the battlefield army. Use map to locate the enemies’ players and complete the spy missions. Take head shots to earn special rewards in this new fps game. Upgrade your military crew and capture the nuclear bases carefully. Complete covert missions by becoming the spy commando. Block the military attacks in this shooter game and defeat the enemy commandos.
Download this surviving commando game and complete the strike missions. Block the enemies attacks in the mission based games and the gun shooter games. Play the sniper command games and have endless fps action. Play this real commando action gun game and complete the assassin missions.


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Survive in the military wars against enemy bases and complete IGI Missions!


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