Hungry Crocodile Attack 3D

Hungry Crocodile Attack 3D

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Hungry Crocodile Attack 3D

Hungry Crocodile Attack 3D

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Hungry Crocodile Attack 3D
Control your furious crocodile and attack on various wild animals.
Hey buddies! Do you want to control your brutal crocodile? If your answer is yes then we warmly welcome you in attacking game of hunting. Become the best hunter and attack on multiple eating things in hungry-crocodile. Take slither and crawl on the forest muddy stream and hunt your food in hungry crocodiles. Do attacks on multiple fleshes that will meet you on sea lands in crocodile-simulator. Your task is to find your food and eat them with your cranky crocodile in alligator games for 2018. Use big jaws for eating your frantic prey on various locations that we will provide you in crocodile-simulator for 2018. Creep on the surface slowly and aim your target to get them in your brutal jaws in attack games. Enjoy your hunting journey with multiple hungry crocodiles in this 2018 best alligator games. When you will control your swampy crocodile-simulator then be aware of shark-attacks or other alligators in crocodile evolution. Show your hunting expertise or play some free mode levels to build your crocodile attack skills in crocodile game. You will take unlimited fun during play this alligator simulator. This swampy crocodile is the best game you have ever played.
In crocodile attack, your duty is to accept hunting challenges and run your cranky alligator in search of food. We will give you marked places; where you have to hunt your food and increase your health bar in crocodile games for 2018. You will also fight with other hungry sharks or alligator that are on the sea water in wild simulator. Kill and eat all the things that are on your way in crocodile games for 2018. We will give you multiple thrilling and hunting levels in best alligator-games. We will give you some extra levels; where you have to build your hungry-crocodiles skills and also learn how to attack your eatable things in attack games. In best hunting-games, become the best attacker and don’t let your food away otherwise crocodile will die. On some level, we will give you a lot of coins when you will eat your food on time in crocodile attack. We will give you a chance to fulfill your dream to take control of dangerous alligators in wild simulator. Don’t forget to hunt fishes on the sea and fulfill your thirst of hunger in alligator water for games 2018. You will change the color of your crocodile in hunting-games 2018. Enjoy the immersive crocodile games environment with stunning animal simulator. When you will get enough coins then upgrade your alligator or hunting places in crocodile eating. You will get limited time to complete your hunting level otherwise level will be failed in attack games. If you will not take food on time then your brutal crocodile will be died and mission will be failed in best crocodile-simulator. This alligator game gives you in-app to unlock hunting places and to remove ads.
Become the best attacker and eat all the little fishes or other things that will provide you on every level in wild simulator. We will give you smooth crocodile games control with amazing animations in animal simulator. We will give you multi-angle camera mode; where you have to select view according to your convenient in crocodile games for 2018. You will take incredible fun during play this animal simulator. Now, what are you waiting for? Come and quickly download this super crocodile-simulator.
Hungry Crocodile Attack 3D Features:
• Best 2018 game of crocodile
• Action packed and fast gameplay
• Explore Ocean and beaches as a crocodile game
• Big hungry animated 3D alligator
• Smooth and easy controls to make the crocodile easy to swim and attack
• Fast action packed gameplay
• Eat cows, goats, fishes and more


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