House Clean Up Rooms

House Clean Up Rooms

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House Clean Up Rooms

House Clean Up Rooms

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Cleaning up can be hard work and boring, but it doesn’t have to be with the house clean up rooms game. This clean up game allows you to clean the kitchen, bedroom and more in a fun and exciting way. Here you can clean up spills, put rubbish in the bin, place items back on the shelves, sweep/vacuum the floor, and so much more before you run out of time! With so much cleaning fun to be had, why not clean up rooms of all sorts within your house, and see what the rooms look like before and after you do your cleaning magic on them.
++ Choose A Room
Take the time and choose the room you want to clean up from the kitchen, bedroom or living room!
++ Throw It In The Bin
Pick up all the rubbish off the floor and make the floor look clean and tidy without any stinky mess that you could
slip or trip on!
++ Pick Up Personal Items
Pick up all the utensils and personal items and place them back on the shelves so you can find them again in a hurry!
++ Sweep, Scrub, Broom
Sweep and scrub all the stains and excess dirt from the floor and walls so the whole room looks brand new and clean!
++ Time’s Up
Race against the clock to clean each room before the time runs out!
++ What’s Inside House Clean Up Room`s?
Plenty of cleaning fun to be had
Easy room choosing, clean your favourite room
Easy throwing of the rubbish for a cleaner environment
Rearranging of personal items and utensils
Clock racing: race against the clock to see how good you are
++ House Clean Up Rooms Features
Use the brooms and brush to sweep and scrub the walls and floors
Place all the rubbish in the bin that may be slippery or go off
Tidy up personal items so you don’t trip over them
Rearrange furniture so it is nice and straight


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+ Support to Android 64 bits added


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