Highway Police Chase: High Speed Cop Car Grappler

Highway Police Chase: High Speed Cop Car Grappler

Size 40.7MB

Highway Police Chase: High Speed Cop Car Grappler

Highway Police Chase: High Speed Cop Car Grappler

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Experience highway police car chase simulator and perform your cop duty to be a police car driver in cop car games. Play Highway Police Chase: High Speed Cop Car Police Grappler and start chasing street cars in police car drift simulator. Join highway undercover police force pursuit and protect the law enforcement to fulfill cop duty in police car chase cop simulator.
Feel the thrill of chasing most wanted gangsters and illegal street racers to put them behind bars in undercover US police story crime patrol game. Race your highway police car chase games down the highway road as you target and chase the grand gangster car in an intense cop chase simulator.
Become a real policeman as you chase criminals, stop street racers and explore the crime chase super city with US police car games. High speed police car games and a loud US police siren will make you feel like a real cop on the highway roads! Highway Police Chase simulator is cop duty of action packed, adrenaline filled undercover police story and thief chasing game. Get behind the steering wheel of US police car games equipped with grappler to catch the escaping gangsters in crime escape control US police chase games. Stop the illegal street racer with the bumper grappler, ingenious invention to help US police story safely stop highway getaway muscle cars.
No-one can police escape from the muscle car police GRAPPLER! Work as crime patrol squad and experience highway police car chase cop simulator missions to secure crime chase modern city streets from gangsta rivals. As a prado police car driver offroad in high speed 4x4 police chase games, you have to stop crime chase super city fastest gangster cars and street bikes. In this traffic muscle car chase simulator game, your cop duty is to arrest vice town criminals with help of US police pursuit bumper grappler in crime escape control games.
Undercover police pursuit chasing games test your muscle car driving chase simulator skills against highway street racers. Fire up top speed and avoid city traffic to catch criminals like a highway traffic cop driver in wildest 4x4 police chase games. As a cop driver you thunder through the streets of this fictional crime chase super city as you try to chase down criminals as a law enforcement officer. One of the best prado police car games and US police parking games that you can pull people over and arrest escaping gangsters.
Highway Police Chase: High Speed Cop Car Grappler Game Features:
10 intriguing US police games car driving chase simulator missions in crime patrol
High speed police car crash with amazing 4x4 police games grappler technology
Incredible controls for traffic prado cop car driving chase in crime chase modern city
Realistic open world environment for gangster chase missions
High quality 3D graphics & immersive gameplay
Download Highway Police Chase: High Speed Cop Car Games Grappler now for police car chase cop simulator and highway police driving games!



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