US City Police Prisoner Bus Driver 2019

US City Police Prisoner Bus Driver 2019

Size 39.8MB

US City Police Prisoner Bus Driver 2019

US City Police Prisoner Bus Driver 2019

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Get ready for the real policeman driving adventure in this Police Bus Driving Sim 2019: Jail Prisoner Transporter!
Get a ride on the policeman transporter bus to drop the criminals to jail, experience the real criminal pickup adventures in this police bus prisoner escape plan: bus games. Become a real transport policeman to rescue the city life that is in danger by the hands of criminals. You might have played shooting game in 3D simulator but you may have not played real rob’s prisoners that break survival transporter game with excellent 3D graphics. Some criminals and real prisoners have escape the prison and performed jail breakout to bring their wrath in super modern city. Drive the modern stealth police transporter bus on the mountain hills of realistic 3D simulator.
If yes then police grand prisoner police bus driver 2019 is the best choice for you to play, you will not only adventure the real prisoners pickup and drop off to jails adventures but also become sharp in driving skills, become a super modern policeman spy driver to get the robbing criminals and escape the prison. You have to catch those criminals and prisoners who have escaped the prison. In this american police prison jail transporter game 3D you will drive the US real policeman prisoner transporter bus not just for fun or spare time but you have to accomplish some realistic police transport missions in this cop gangster adventure attack.
As a real brave policeman prisoners transporter escape game you have to select your favorite prisoner transporter bus to catch the escaped criminals in limited time, belong to a real great policeman family background you will work for the dignity of your father who is a retired police officer who accomplished many real adventures of police transport to arrest the most wanted prisoners in the super modern real city, criminals who escaped the prison and earned much respect for such honest acts and duties. As long as your father performed an incredible duty for prisoners transporter, he was known as the bravest policeman of police transport bus in that era in the super modern city. The great city shows the beautiful views of mountain hills and tough paths; you have to be very careful and sharp while driving on the dangerous paths. Easy and smooth controls of police transport buses will let you experience to arrest the escape the prisons type prisoners while driving on the mountain and hill paths of 3D simulator. Perform this real police escape driving duty as a prisoner transporter in this prison gangster jail brake out game. Drive bus on the paths of hills and mountain to arrest the criminals in given limited time, catch the escaped prisoners who are roaming In the super city performing some criminals activities, they need to be arrested as soon as possible and taken to the jail in this modern prisoners transporter bus, perform this real super duty of a great policeman and police transport bus driver who have to drive in the whole city to look out the escape the prison type criminals in the hills and mountains of the city.
Enjoy thrilling prisoners transporter and policeman driving adventures in this new modern prison strike game of 3D simulator, explore multiple levels in this real criminal catching game and become an expert policeman prisoner transport in the city of highways. Criminals are robing, beating the innocent citizens, prisoners who breakout the jail to harass people of the super city, you have to arrest them all in given time.
Let’s be quick to reach at the destined positions to arrest all the prisoners to wipe out the super city from grand mafia gangs!
*Key features*
1. Multiple efficient prisoner buses to drive
2. Thrilling levels to accomplish criminals catching missions
3. Realistic view of city highways and mountain hills
4. 3D graphics and best audio effects
5. Easy and user friendly controls to drive huge bus


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