Furious Death Car Snow Racing: Armored Cars Battle

Furious Death Car Snow Racing: Armored Cars Battle

Size 63.9MB

Furious Death Car Snow Racing: Armored Cars Battle

Furious Death Car Snow Racing: Armored Cars Battle

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Get ready to enter furious death car snow racing arena simulator, crash burn armored sports cars and face ruthless rivals in every snowy off-road track. Fire missile use Gatling machine gun to destroy rivals racing cars and flip them in ashes in the air.
Jump behind steering wheel of modified sports cars in this fast paced action packed game. Drive in amazing off-road ice tracks race for the top position against extremely skillful players. Experience bounty shooting missions in furious death car race like never before. Crush destroy rival autos through armored car equipped with missile launcher and machine guns. Gear up get into driver seat for biggest death rally because death match will be taking place in cold freezing temperature. Master your perfect road warrior skills its death race get killed or kill all to become ultimate champion. Fuel tank is full use nitro booster to attain maximum high speed on asphalt tracks. Keep your ride steady on the slippery icy track surrounded by Snow Mountain.
This is not an ordinary race but revenge against deadly opponents and track itself. Prepare yourself for everlasting destruction of ultimate snow armored sports cars on white asphalt track. Get power ups and boost high speed to crash armored sports cars firing at competitors making impossible to win death car rally. Make way through traffic with your road warrior skills enjoy super addicting death racing game like never before. Drive armored car loaded with massive Gatling gun and rocket launcher. Make this best car racing simulator an intense non-stop action game and blow racer cars ashes in air. Heat the engine, prepare firearms and burn asphalt in death racing game with vehicles and guns. Get the best score driving faster, shooting up with a 100% of precision and ending up the death racing with all life, the ultimate racing combat is waiting for you in action simulator and racer cars game.
Get your enemies in the line of fire with only shooting missions to crash and burn. Be the super car furious driver in car racing simulator champion. Furious death racing car is non-stop action game in thrilling shooting simulator. Enemy is behind you to destroy your ride but you are not an ordinary man rather furious driver. You know how to make your way, you know to drift and drag your vehicle regardless of the dangers ahead. Fight against fearless and fierceness racing rival on toughest off road frozen tracks with one aim to become ultimate death racer world champion. Game environment is snow off road where there mountains plan areas are full of ice.
Furious Death Car Snow Racing Features:
8 rival car chasing missions to win championship of death race.
Shoot down enemy vehicles with missile & rocket launcher.
Realistic snow environment with curved tracks to drive.
Real racing car crash and smash effects.
Nail biting death rally sports cars racing missions.
Thrilling and epic shooting simulator.
Download this non-stop action game Furious Death Car Snow Racing and give us your feedback so we can make more new recommended game for you.


What's New

Enjoy New Challenging Missions.
More Upgraded Weapons to Play with.
Enhanced Vehicle Drifting & Car Driving.
Combat with more Enemies.
No more Lags and Bugs.


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